Ibogaine Treatment Clinics Complaints, Scams and Rip Offs

Ibogaine Treatment Clinics to stay away from

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Tyson Elliot-Ibogaine University Scam,Dangerous

Tyson Elliot runs a place called all souls sanctuary also called Ibogaine university. My daughter was there recently and we had to go to rescue her and get her out of there. Patients were having sex with patients, Staff were having sex with patients. Tyson was using drugs with patients. There was every type of drug imaginable there  including heroin for use. Its a twisted place and dangerous. There is much much more but it should be shut down. Please go anywhere else, check reviews on this scum. Good con artists. No medical staff, no real staff at all. Just lies and deceptions. Very dangerous.


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Tyson Elliot-Ibogaine University Scam,Dangerous

Tyson Elliot-Ibogaine University Scam,Dangerous

May 18, 2016 1 Comment

Tyson Elliot runs a place called all souls sanctuary also called Ibogaine university. My daughter was there recently and we had to go to rescue her and get her out of there. Patients were having sex with patients, Staff were having sex with patients. Tyson was using drugs with patients. There was every type of drug imaginable there  including heroin for use. Its a twisted place and dangerous. There is much much more but it should be shut down.

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Crossraods-Polanco Too Many Deaths

More deaths covered up and more lies to family members who died at crossroads….Polanco is now using a clinic in TJ after his last death experience.

Read the facts about Dr Polanco. He has been doing horrible treatments for over a decade. Ibogaine deaths in Martin Polanco’s clinic in tijuana call Claire Wilkins and if your nice to her she will give you all the juicy facts. She now owns and runs beautiful Pangea Ibogaine in Mexico. She got sick and tired of dealing with deaths caused by Martin Polanco – AKA
Dr Martin AKA —Dr Martin Polanco—–AKA Transitions Ibogaine —–AKA Crossroads Ibogaine—- AKA Black market Donor Trader
Google (Martin Polanco CNN) you will see his video about his organ donors trade he was working for.

Read this below
After his ibogaine patients die he leave town, no evidence no witnesses.
Do your home work before you go to him, ibogaine is deadly enough….
Polanco is a smooth talking killer has killed many poor desperate addicts. http://www.realitysandwich.com/iboga_insurrection_part_1 MAPS did a study with him and he almost killed the test subject! But other were not lucky!


its become abundantly clear after just a couple hours online that the ibogaine treatment industry (cuz its sure not about healing or medicine and cuz Im too polite to call it a racket) at least insofar as the bigger and well known centers are all fraught w/ ***, in the best cases huge egos and in the worst cases purely profit driven fraud and, again sugar coating things a bit, less than full disclosure surrounding deaths. a dear personal friend of mine went to crossroads (aka more than a couple other names, why does a business pay and work to promote a name then abandon it and its subsequent name repeatedly? Its not cuz of their illustrious history of success and happy clients) and died during treatment, this occurred in 2014, Dr Polanco or however its spelled (and like the name of one business he’s been affiliated with he’s also done personal name changes) was unavailable when some of his family went down to retrieve the body and even after extending their stay in Mexico solely to speak to Dr Polanco, were dodged by him. its Mexico so records and documentation of anything medical including deaths are vague and sketchy at best, Ive heard from one person who was a patient that the claims of full time Drs and emt on site werent their first hand experience but to be fair I wasnt there myself and this person is not always trustworthy. Ive read interviews w/ the Dr and extremely flattering ones of him, not some competitor fabricating things, and even those have him contradicting his own words over and over. I cofounded the center, I joined the center about 2 years after they opened, it cant be both Doc, pick a side. its my baby I created the program, when asked about a death, I wasnt director then. Ive never been to the center nor met anyone involved with it. And clearly its a small little industry with a few players who are pretty dysfunctional familylike, at bare minimum theyre all quite familiar with one another and theres an intertwined work path with lots of them seemingly always ending very badly and confrontationally. I wouldnt trust a single review, either negative or positive, on these type of sites, because as clearly evidenced right here theyre chock full of the various business owners/ employees slandering one another and/ or posting fictitious things. I know ibogaine has some incredible gifts for some people, but at least as far as ANY center alleging ibogaine tratment ANYWHERE in Baja Mexico Id beg anyone debating it continue their search and be most diligent and healthily skeptical of anyone anywhere selling ibogaine treatment. At present Im pretty certain theres nowhere its actually legal, I dont mean in Mexico I mean earth. Not legal tho not criminal in some places, some that sorta look the other way for now, but as far as Ive ever heard or anything I could find in writing, nowhere is it fully above board and legal. Of course theres many valid medical treatments and drugs which arent legalized due to pharma interests and interference and a host of reasons none being that the drug or procedure isnt beneficial. But Im 100% convinced that at least in the baja ibogaine community the best of operators are still a huge risk and its terrifying to consider literally putting one’s life in their hands, do as you will…


Clear Sky Recovery-The Ultimate SCAM

Clear Sky Recovery. They are negligent and give you false hope.

Mary Neal
11 hrs
Do not go to Clear Sky Recovery. They are negligent and give you false hope…. Saying they can treat you a few days off Subs. Now I’m back home and am in full withdrawal and am suffering terribly. And to top it off no one from their 24 hour hotline will pick up.. So don’t waste your money. I’ve never wanted to use as bad as I do now.
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Ryan Jackson I can’t believe the treatment center told you that you only have to be off subs for a few days, that is total bullshit! Try a few weeks, no wonder you’re having this much trouble girl! That sucks!!!
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Mary Neal My main symptom is vomiting. I can’t hold anything in my system….not even saliva. I can deal with the other symptoms. I’ve tried taking phenergan but I can’t keep it down. I don’t know what to do.
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Ryan Jackson Especially a center a reputable as clear sky recovery! Jeffrey Kamlet are you reading all this? I’d be anxious to hear your thoughts on Mary Neals experience with her treatment at clear sky!
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Mary Neal I’ve been told Kratom is addictive. Is that not the case? I wouldn’t take it unless I absolutely need it. I just have to wait for a head shop to open. But how am I going to keep it down?
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Ryan Jackson It can be addictive but just like anything else, taken in moderation you’ll be fine, find the dose that works for you then get yourself stake then begin to taper…I’d fight the recovery center you went to and try to get in for another treatment done the right way this time! Its total bullshit what they’ve done to you!!!
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Shelly Finney-Grantham Is anyone near Mary that could help?
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Ryan Jackson I’m like a day away, but don’t have the means to get down there…
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Eros Salvatore It’s slightly addictive. Doesn’t have the withdrawal symptoms of heroin.
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Eros Salvatore Capsules to keep it down. No tea.
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Michelle Lindgren Listen- go to ER. Non stop vomiting happened to me after anitbuse. I was puking blood. I couldn’t stop. They gave me something to stop it. If you have insurance go! It at least check yourself into a detox.
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Shelly Finney-Grantham Ryan–if you had $ to get there could you help?
I’d gladly pitch in for this situation. She needs some support asap. I want to help but I’m not sure what I can do. Could we get her somewhere supportive? Could we get her meds to help thru this?
Mary…if your main symptom is vomiting them PM me I can overnight you something. Mary what do you think would help you the most now in your current situation?
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Shelly Finney-Grantham I have Zofran. …
The kind that dissolve under your tongue for the seriously times. It’s amazing.
Dena—is Zofran a med to be careful with — contraindications? (I know you aren’t a doctor but I trust your medical knowledge and judgement)
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Michael Slater Wow. That’s bullshit, every provider I have worked with recommends being off sub’s for at least 3 weeks, you should have switched to an SAO during this period. I have heard many mixed opinions regarding Clear Sky’s program, please keep us updated rega…See More

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Dr. Sola -Clear Sky Worst Liars and Scammers

SUBMITTED: Sunday, March 29, 2016

I also was treated by Dr. Sola and Irene but not at Ibogaine Clinic but at Detox Center Cancun. I did go first at Ibogaine Clinic with David Dardashti. BUT, NOW DR. SOLA IS AT CLEARSKY. he runs from clinic to clinic he is a scammer.  I was in withdrawal from opiates and he did not give me any medication to stop my withdrawal!  I was starved, there was nobody to give me food! Then a patient that was given Ibogaine went into seizures and they cleared the whole clinic while the ambulance came to take him!  That kid was in a comma for 3 weeks.  David Dardashti took me to the airport and still he did not give me anything for my withdrawal! When I asked him to give me my money back, he told me to F-off!  Till today, I have not received the money!

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I recently visited the Ibogaine clinic and was treated like garbage.Dr.

Sola under dosed me and when I was still in withdrawal they left me at the airport. Irene pretends to be this nice lady but once they have your money everything changes. There are very good providers out there- its a shame these people are giving the industry a bad name.

I have since had to be treated again at another clinic on the west coast- I was treated with respect and my dosing was accurately calculated.

I stayed 7 days instead of 4 and I now feel completely recovered.I urge to to not believe what Irene or Alex tell you about how professional they are- ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY.

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Ibogaine University

Do not have your treatment done at the Ibogaine University- they claim to have 24 hour medical staff and there are no doctors on staff.They are not a licensed facility and are not licensed to be providing any medical treatments of any kind.

They sent me home in withdrawal and didn’t offer to treat me again to make up for it. There are good providers out there- Ibogaine University is not one of them. All they want is your money and once they have that you are screwed.

They threaten you with violence.

I urge you to actually do the research and find out who the medical doctors are, and ask to see the license.Do not be fooled by Ibogaine University .