Ibogaine Treatment Clinics Complaints, Scams and Rip Offs

Ibogaine Treatment Clinics to stay away from

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Crear Sky, Cancun, Dr. Sola, worst scam yet.

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I am looking into Ibogaine treatment and was wondering what clinic it was you had the good experience at. I would be greatly appreciative for some feedback from someone who has taken a treatment with success and is not influenced by a clinic.


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I could really use some guidance from someone here here please.

I am speaking with a place called experience ibogain, i cant find anything about them online and most seemed well exsept they refuses to give me an address of where the facility is located. All they say they can tell me is its in Rosarito Mexico in gated community.

They said its too dangerous to give out address, they pick u up at airport. That made my stomac drop. Can anyone that knows actually knows tell me anything about this place?

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Medicine Heart Recovery Ibogaine and Holistic House, Nevada

Worst clinic in Mexico.Total scam.

No doctors, no real staff. Many deaths. Dirty filthy place and people. They refer to this sleaze Hoffman in the states and he refers to them.

My girlfriend had to have her family rescue her from Mexico it was so bad. Hoffman is extremely abusive and a psycho. They move from place to place all the time. Ask for thier licenses and doctors proof.

Not even a real nurse. Please do not go there. there are so many to choose from. Do your research.

Don’t get hurt like my friend.Go anywhere else but these 2 places.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $7500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Were you looking for Ibogaine University, IbogaLife? I think you meant David Dardashti, ARRESTED, CRIMINAL SCAMS!






OCTOBER 3, 2014

What do we do this week, oh I know, let’s stage the most insane and obviously fake ibogaine testimonials possible!

OCTOBER 3, 2014
David Dardashti the bullshit continuesToo funny:


Quoting a letter from Dardashti’s assistant or whoever this is supposed to be

“Davids lawyers pulled all financial transactions from your credit card and he s having a forensic accountant reviewing all transactions from it.
If you are right then you have a case. If not, then hes going after you for lible “aka” slander”.
He has more money then god so I doubt he’d put his business at risk over a few thousand dollars.

I’m not threatening you’ I’m just reporting as I hear it so I hope you are right.
In court, the looser has to pay the winners legal fees.
If you are right then then the roles will be reversed.

Also expect dozens of former clients to testify on his behalf. He is a multi millionaire and has the most expensive attourneys at his disposal to the tune of $2500k per hour. I personally watched him get two Miami judges disbared. This isn’t a threat. I just want to warn you. The records of the credit card card transaction have already been pulled and you’ll need to get a lasted in Miami because its doubtful your attorney is licensed in Miami.

Expect the total legal fees to be in the muti-thousands of dollars. If you can’t pay that will either seize you assets inluding your home and and garnish you wages. Once again, this is coming from a friend. I’m not supposed to be saying any of this. He has legal team and plenty of posts by you saying whata great experience you had. I’m worried about your family and children.“

First of all the above was written by Dardashti himself. Dardashti appears to be borderline illiterate and the reply is littered with the usual misspelling every 3rd word, which is one of his hallmarks.

David Dardashti is familiar with the legal system, because he’s been at the receiving end of it for his scams like Sabra enterprises. He has considerably less money than god, or perhaps the same amount if god needs no money, because Dardashti is a broke-ass grifter hiding under rocks in Cancun. The address of whatever house he hasn’t gotten shut down yet and is treating people in is never made available anywhere because he would be arrested and shut down again within hours.

The only money Dardashti has is whatever he manages to steal from whoever is unfortunate enough to get ibogaine through him and when that runs out he goes begging to his brother to borrow more money.

FEBRUARY 17, 2014
Sleazy Ibogaine Clinic, David DardashtiThis will be a ongoing series of articles looking into some of the shady and sleazy happenings in the world of ibogaine treatment, there’s no lack of material for future articles so stay tuned!

First up is David Dardashti.

Dardashti rents houses in Cancun and when he is kicked out of one location, simply packs up, rents another house and restarts the same scam all over again. He claims to be associated with Dr. Deborah Mash and Dr. Alberto Sola in Cancun, but calling up Mash who is easy enough to find in the University of Miami directory, (305) 243-5888 she will point blank state that Dardashti is “a piece of shit” and a con man lying to people and endangering their lives. She’s never had anything to do with him. Contacting Dr. Sola gives a replay of the same conversation, with the info that Dardashti used to be a marketing person for his clinic. Neither one has anything to do with Dardashti.

David Dardashti’s background has nothing to do with ibogaine which is something he discovered he could make money selling treatments for in 2010. He was involved in a real estate company in Miami Florida called Sabra Enterprises which was investigated and shut down resulting in Dardashti facing criminal charges for money laundering and tax evasion. He has a second outstanding warrant for his arrest in Florida, for assault and battery on his ex-wife. Nice guy, and all info available in public records.

Dardashti’s scam alternates between pretending to be a theological scholar and self-styled ibogaine guru and claiming to represent or be affiliated with Dr. Mash and Dr. Sola. He has managed to kill 5 people in the last 2 years with his ibogaine treatments and managed to cause so many problems that the health department in Mexico shuts him down every time they find another house he is using to give people ibogaine.

On his current website he claims to use ibogaine to cure kidney disease, bipolar disorder, ADHD, bulimia, anorexia, anxiety, OCD and PTSD http://www.ibogaineclinic.com/faq/sample-data-articles/faq

In a treatment scene filled with shady people, Dardashti stands out in the snake oil sweepstakes.

FEBRUARY 17, 2014
Front page of newspaper in Cancun featuring Health Department and Police signs over the boarded up front gate of one of the houses Dardashti has rented to dose people with ibogaine, with David Dardashti being arrested again in the foreground.Front page of newspaper in Cancun featuring Health Department and Police signs over the boarded up front gate of one of the houses Dardashti has rented to dose people with ibogaine, with David Dardashti being arrested again in the foreground.

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Gordon Clinic Scammers, Liars, Cheats

You really gotta be careful with these providers and clinics.Michelle Ibrahim told me to check out Gordon Clinic and what i found was shocking. The man ‘running’ it is about as shady as they come. From what i have gathered this place not only serves as his clinic but also as his home and a hostal which he promotes online as ‘Young Dudes’ beyond creepy i know! Ill attach a few screen shots and links to his party hotel. The more i look into alot of these clinics the more i consider just doing ibogaine at home.
 Absolutely they are! Kinda surprised someone didnt point that out when Michelle Ibrahim recommended the place earlier on this post